A downloadable game for Windows

After awakening from hibernation in a colonization ship, Viktor needs to figure out what caused his early awakening and what happened to the crew.


  • MovementW, A, S, D
  • Look Around: Mouse Movement
  • Interact: E
  • Toggle Flashlight: F
  • Crouch: Ctrl
  • Skip Dialog: Spacebar
  • Pause: Escape
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorChaos Sign
TagsAdult, Aliens, Dark, Horror, Psychological Horror, Sci-fi, Survival Horror, Top-Down, Unity


B-Stasis_Windows_x86_x64.zip 268 MB


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Very nice, congrats :D

Thank you! :)

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Thanks for playing! :)

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According to screenshots I was expecting Subterrain-like game, but got a horror game, also good :) 3D environment looks much better than 2D images. Unfortunately the game is too short :)

From something that can be improved:

  • Unskippable long “Broken Stasis” intro every time. Given the next issue, it’s kinda frustrating to watch it over and over again.

  • Tried to “load last checkpoint”, game froze in black screen. Tried “load last checkpoint” and the game loaded in unexpected place (at the beginning, instead of suit room) and heartbeet heard all over (I loaded from low health).

  • Uncomfortable controls - when running away from the enemy hero always gets stuck on corners, if mouse is near/behind the player character - he stops running. Especially given that pressing ctrl/shift and WASD simultaneously is uncomfortable on its own. As a result, running mechanics results only in frustration - and should be scary :D.

  • When in darkness it’s easy to mistake open and closed doors. Was pressing E for a minute in a solid wall, even thought it’s a glitch and door can be opened only from the other side.

  • The animation with hero making leg split at every step looks a bit too funny for the game feel :)

  • Heartbeet sound doesn’t seem to loop fine?

  • I guess I unlocked the final door by glitch? Monster didn’t attack while hero was tinkering with it. I didn’t figure out what I should do, but somehow it worked.

  • What’s the point of crouching / turning off the flashlight, if the enemy still easily detects the player?


Hi Eugene!

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback!

We know the game is very short and have a lot of bugs, unfortunately :(

We created it as a final presentation for our Digital Games specialization course, so right now we have no desire to continue with this project.

Anyway, thank you very much for playing our little game. Really appreciated it. :)